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My name is Sharezaan. I am in grade 7C. My favourite subject is Maths because it is a nice subject and if you can see the links and focus, then it is easy. I also enjoy it because I can help people who need it, by tutoring them. I live with my grandmother, aunt and brother in Lavender Hill. I like to play netball with my friends and cousins. I enjoy it because it is fun and interesting. I would like to go to a better high school because I would like to become something that people wouldn’t think I could become. Other high schools also don’t offer all the subjects that I want and Cape Academy does. Education is important to me because it will help me to keep out of trouble. It will also help me to study further to become something in life and move out of the area that I live in, and take my family with me.


All funds raised from donations go directly towards the student's tuition for the upcoming school year.

Tuition levels vary from school to school.


Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Partner: The Compass Trust

School: Cape Academy of Mathematics, Science and Technology