About us

Levana allows people around the world to help fund school tuition for talented students in underserved communities. Our goal is to eliminate the financial burden of a quality education for those willing to work towards it. We are partnering with The Compass Trust, an organisation working in the Capricorn and Lavender Hill townships of South Africa’s Western Cape.

The children Levana features come from environments where the cycle of poverty is often accompanied by drugs and violence. The worst impact is invariably on the youngest and most vulnerable.

Levana’s name is taken directly from a Primary School located in the township of Lavender Hill near Muizenberg. With Table Mountain’s imposing beauty as its backdrop, Levana Primary School is an oasis of hope amongst the violence and drug abuse of its surroundings. Our first group of student scholars hail from this small but bold school.

The word Levana means ‘to raise up’. This is our aim.